Ask how YOU can become a VOLUNTEER.

One hour,

Two hours,

How about the whole day?

Volunteers are the backbone of our Community and we sincerely appreciate all the time and effort that they contribute. There are several areas in which to become more involved:

   Events Committee

  Parks and Recreation Committee

   Visioning Committee

   Trees Forever Committee

   Planning and Zoning Committee

   Board Of Adjustments Committee


Discovering Your Community

Few things will help you acclimate to your new home faster than learning where things are and how to get around your new neighborhood. Knowing these things provides a sense of comfort and control.

Take a tour

The best way to get the full story on the community is to talk with - or take a tour with - one of your neighbors. Your neighbor or someone else familiar with the area can point out driving shortcuts and routes to avoid during rush hour. If possible, join a carpool. You can hook up with carpool groups by posting a notice on the bulletin board at school or work or by placing an ad in the local newspaper.

Welcome to your neighborhood

The common thread among these various methods of familiarizing yourself with your new neighborhood is getting out and asking questions. Talk to your neighbors, the mail carrier, the librarian, the hardware store owner. Most people are eager to help. You'll find yourself feeling welcomed by your new neighborhood in no time.